ZWORLD GIS provides services that offer immediate business solutions. Our services are developed to support your agencies goals and specific operational needs.

ZWORLD GIS has solutions for all of you mapping needs.  We provide cartographic products on levels from adding to engineering, survey, and design drawings, to creating general planning and exhibit style maps. We offer a variety of formats, including hardcopy printed maps, digital maps for electronic distribution, or interactive maps through web based applications, We can also maintain the map once it has been created for you based on your business needs.  We also offer our customized ZMaps which can be tailored to your distinct cartographic brand, seamlessly representing your organization.

ZWORLD GIS will evaluate your business needs for a GIS program. We can conduct assessments of your software, hardware, data, staffing, and management requirements within your organization. This information will allow your agency to gain an in-depth perspective on the value of GIS solutions that address your administrative, financial, and operational needs. We have a cost-effective way for organizations to understand how to leverage GIS technology and enhance your organizational performance.

ZWORLD GIS can assist organizations looking to expand or solidify their GIS resources into a more integrated or enterprise solution. A strategic plan developed for your organization, will provide your agency with how an advanced GIS program will empower your organization. We will also recommend to your agency on your software, hardware, networking, applications, and training requirements for implementing a successful GIS infrastructure. We will also lay out cost estimates for implementing the GIS program in 1-5 year deployment scenarios. ZWORLD GIS strives to match your objectives to the best reliable, cost-effective, and long-term solution for your organization.

                A GIS solution begins with high-quality data. ZWORLD GIS has developed reliable data development and conversion processes that ensure accurate and complete GIS data to your agency on time and at a low cost. Our GIS development techniques are industry standard, and will work with your organization on developing a complete interoperability data plan. ZWORLD GIS converts your source data into a variety of formats including ESRI geodatabases, shapefiles, and other geospatial data formats. We can convert large numbers of hardcopy maps, databases, computer aided drafting (CAD), and legacy GIS data into relevant GIS data compatible for system integration. ZWORLD GIS can also work with integrating GIS data into Oracle, SQL Server, Access and other database systems.

ZWORLD GIS understands the importance of documentation during the data creation process. ZWORLD GIS prepares metadata for all datasets submitted to our customers. We create metadata documentation that meets Federal Geographic Data Committee standards. Our goal is to help your organization ensure that data delivered by ZWORLD GIS can be immediately used and that other GIS users understand the purpose and limitation of each dataset created.

                Successful GIS programs rely on the professionals who use and manage the system. GIS staff must understand how to maintain accurate and up to date data, and end users must be capable of using desktop, web-based, and mobile GIS applications within their job functions. ZWORLD GIS provides customized GIS training to your GIS technicians, users, and information technology support staff. ZWORLD GIS provides hands-on experience using ArcGIS and other ESRI products and workshops are available to help all user levels. 

                The efficient storage of GIS data requires the design and development of well-designed data models. ZWORLD GIS offers agencies comprehensive, well-designed geodatabase and development options that are specific to your business needs while remaining cost effective. ZWORLD GIS can provide initial database design, conceptual geodatabase modeling, network and access strategy, and database schemas. Our geodatabase designs provide reliable, expandable, and secure solutions to the management of your GIS data storage requirements

                 ZWORLD GIS can assist with your customized GIS applications that maintain accurate, up-to-date data, and perform agency-specific functions and analysis. ZWORLD GIS offers our customers core design services for GIS applications. Our applications are designed to meet your scalability, security, reliability, backup, and data integrity needs. Our application designs can also integrate with data storage and management capabilities of databases such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and Access. We also use understand current industry-leading web based interfaces and dashboard technologies provided from third -party GIS products. ZWORLD GIS provides support on creating customized application development to ensure that end users have the tools they need to enhance their productivity, as well as giving your organization a powerful tool for operational and administrative decisions.

                 ZWORLD GIS can support your agency when you have an independent business program that utilizes GIS technology such as a permit database that enables a mapping component to track permit activity, or an asset database that needs to connect to work order, maintenance history, and financial information. These GIS system integration projects can provide staff members access to a universal integrated system utilizing the geospatial backbone to data residing in disparate systems. ZWORLD GIS provides customers with a solution for designing and implementing geospatial programs that integrate, leveraging your operational decision support system. ZWORLD GIS can assess the various integration frameworks and can make recommendations on a particular solution, and create a proposed design. ZWORLD GIS can assist you with large integration projects from the planning and design stage to implementation and deployment of the completed system.  ZWORLD GIS provides flexible and scalable solutions for our customers that are within their financial capability.

           ZWORLD GIS possesses the education and experience in successfully managing GIS projects. ZWORLD GIS has managed very diverse projects and has a thorough knowledge of project management and implementation. We specialize in comprehensive GIS projects such as when an enterprise GIS is fully implemented by an organization. These types of projects typically involve data conversion/migration, database design and development, application development, user and staff training, and technical support that may include staff supplementation. We can also assist your agency with large GIS software upgrade projects as well significant system integration projects. ZWORLD GIS strives to complete your GIS projects on time and on budget with quality results.

ZWORLD GIS assists agencies lacking adequate GIS staff to either maintain current GIS initiatives or to fulfill legal mandates and obligations. ZWORLD GIS can sustain your GIS staffing needs while your agency is challenged with staffing levels and budget constraints.  In outsourcing GIS functions, agencies ensure critical operations with the benefit of experienced GIS knowledge onsite versus the high cost of permanent employees. ZWORLD GIS can provide such services as data maintenance, geodatabase maintenance, and cartographic products. Regular, systematic functions and various ad-hoc tasks can be performed as needed.

                ZWORLD GIS possesses education and experience in GIS Emergency Preparedness. Whether a natural disaster or a threat to public safety, we can assist your agency with developing a GIS contingency plan that can be deployed in tandem with an Emergency Operation Center (EOC). Depending on the size and scope of your operational area, ZWORLD GIS can assist you with an activation plan to prepare for an emergency event, with focus on procedures for supporting operational needs of vulnerable populations, critical infrastructure, evacuation routing, and road closures. As well as the Public Information needs for press releases and maps designed for the public during an emergency.