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                                                     GEOSPATIAL INFORMATION SYSTEMS (GIS) TECHNICIAN
              CLASS TITLE: Geospatial Information Systems Technician
              CLASS CODE: 7070
SALARY: $41,520 - $50,064 Annually
                                                                                                             DEFINITION   |    BENEFITS

In addition to your annual salary, ZWORLD GIS offers you an extensive benefits package, including:
FULL HEALTH INSURANCE: ZWORLD GIS Employees working with full time status qualifies for Company sponsored Healthcare Insurance.   .
     Medical and Dental, Plans for you and your dependents. Current premium plans are offered to employees during annual open enrollment.
EMPLOYEE PAID TIME: ZWORLD GIS provides employees with the following paid time off:
PAID HOLIDAYS: New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Day, Presidents' Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.
PAID VACATION: 10 days or 80 hours earned each year, increasing in increments after 5 years of service. You will be paid the value of your accrued credits upon retirement or termination. Earned vacation hours are pro-rated for permanent part-time employees.
PAID SICK LEAVE: 5 days or 40 hours earned per year. A cash payment of 25% of unused hours will be made if you retire or terminate with more than 10 years of service. Earned sick leave hours are pro-rated for permanent part-time employees.

PAID BEREAVEMENT: 1 day or 8 hours earned each year.
PAID JURY DUTY: Employees receive paid jury duty time. ZWORLD GIS will pay the difference between their regular salary and what they receive for serving on the jury, with a maximum of 5 days or 40 hours. 
MILEAGE REIMBURSEMENT: You receive mileage reimbursement at the standard rate established by the Internal Revenue Service for each mile driven on ZWORLD GIS business.
UNIFORM PROVIDED: ZWORLD GIS will provide uniforms or uniform allowance when required.
JOB TRAINING AND EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS: ZWORLD GIS provides annual training and educational opportunities. When job courses have been satisfactorily completed, ZWORLD GIS will compensate for course fees and materials for job-related training. This benefit is prorated for part-time employees.
STATE DISABILITY INSURANCE (SDI): This program provides weekly benefits in the event of short term disability. Premiums are automatically deducted from your pay.
BUSINESS TRAVEL: ZWORLD GIS provides per diem reimbursement for business related travel. The rate for per diem allowance for lodging, meal, and incidental expenses is $260.
This Summary is informational only, and cannot modify or affect your benefits in any way, nor shall you accrue any rights because of a statement or omission from this Summary. Please refer to Employee New Hire Plan and Employment Agreement for details.